Aerial Photography & Video

Helicopters, Inc. provides aerial photography and aerial video services for a variety of industries, including real estate, construction, advertising, electronic news gathering (ENG), and wildlife research. In addition to providing our own photographers, Helicopters, Inc. can provide helicopter flight support for aerial photographers and videographers.

Our on-staff photographers use GPS equipped Nikon D-300 series DSLR's that are capable of providing customers with high-resolution, geo-located, aerial photos which are suitable for print or digital media for both marketing and documentation purposes.

Helicopters, Inc. also provides gryo-stabilized photography and video using its Aerial Exposures LSG-2 gyro platform with two Kenyon KS-12 gyros, providing a stable camera platform capable of supporting cameras up to 40 pounds.

The Aerial Exposures platform has been used to provide gyro-stabilized video and photography for television, film, advertising, print, and digital media. The LSG-2 platform supports a wide variety of both still and video cameras at a rate much lower than competitive.

Because the LSG-2 platform is mounted in the cockpit and operated hands-on from behind the camera, operators without much aerial photography or aerial videography experience can operate their camera much more easily than a remotely controlled, externally mounted camera. In addition to being easy to use, the Aerial Exposures system is also more affordable than most externally mounted gimbals.

Helicopters, Inc. has worked with ABC, the BBC, the National Geographic Channel , the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and many other international media outlets. We also hold a waiver issued by the FAA for low-level aerial motion picture and television operations.