Enstrom F28A

Helicopters Inc's first aircraft, N24RB, a 1971 Enstrom F28A, is still owned by the company and flies over 500 hours every year. It is a workhorse, much loved by all the pilots who have logged time, soloed, and passed check rides in it.

  • Lycoming HIO-360 205hp piston engine
  • Cruise speed: 80 mph
  • Seats the pilot and one student or passenger

Enstrom F28F / F280FX

Turbocharged piston engine for greater speed, altitude and useful load. Carries one or two pilots or one pilot and one or two passengers.

Enstrom 480B

The 480B's turbine engine and three-blade, fully-articulated rotor system provides unparalleld smoothness ideal for video work and film production. Its roomy cabin accommodates the pilot and up to four passengers.